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Nanci Lamborn
Christian Author



"Angry Daughter:
A Journey from Hatred to Love"

Where a traumatic past meets transforming prayer

In this poignant and powerful memoir, the author shares a deeply personal story of carrying intense feelings of hatred and resentment towards her mother, and coming to a place of freedom and genuine love before her mother's tragic passing. Through the short, thematic chapters, the author explores the connections between her traumatic childhood wounds, their impact on her adulthood, and their healing through transformative prayer. The author's story provides readers with a source of hope and the testimony that healing and freedom are attainable. 

"I spent most of my life hating the very air that my mother breathed. Through the experience of transformative prayer, which brought about the capacity to forgive and the healing of my childhood wounds, I was surprised to find compassion and freedom where hatred used to live. This is my God story of the journey from hatred to love."